Look around you... today just about everything we own is networkable! From our phones to games and even our homes and appliances. Don't be left behind!

Home networking is easy and affordable, but the average home user who goes out and buys a wireless router has no idea how to properly set it up. 75% of all home routers are left on the default settings leaving the network wide open to hackers and bandwidth thieves! Call us today to review your home network, insure it's protected and set up properly!

In most cases, a wireless network will work fine for a small business or office environment, but beware! As with home networks, most business wireless networks are left unprotected. The most secure and fastest networks are wired networks! Let us come in and show you how we can secure your network without a bunch of wires running all over your floor!
CCTV - Security Cameras
In today's environment, electronic "eyes" are just about everywhere! And for good reason. Keeping an eye on your property, home or business not only gives you the added security of thieves not wanting to be seen, but can also protect you from lawsuits and help you keep an eye on employees or children.

In the past, the cost to purchase, install and maintain CCTV security systems was extremely cost prohibitive, but with current technology the costs have dramatically been reduced. From PC based systems to 16 Channel stand alone DVRs, IP cameras that work over your existing wireless networks and internet accessible systems, to high quality night vision cameras that let you see in the dark, we can help you to decide what works best for you.

Want to see what the nanny does all day? Want to know if your employees take two hours to eat lunch? Did that customer really slip and fall or did they do it on purpose? Now you'll know!
Layer One Wiring
Infrastructure is the most important part of an office design and the Layer One level is the most important part of the infrastructure. HRC can provide you with the plan and implament that plan better than any electrician or contractor in the business. This is what we do, not an afterthought or add on service.

Working with our network engineer partners and planning specialists, we can design and install Cat5 or Cat6 wire drops, network racks and equipment, routers, servers, switches and any other needed equipment to create the needed network environment you will need for now and in the future.

H. Rocker Consulting (HRC) is a full service technology company, serving customers in South Florida since 2005. Prior to that we were based in Central Ohio until the cold weather influenced us to head south.


What started out as an office of independent consultants soon grew as our client base requested more and more services. In the 90's the trend was in building computer systems to fit a customers needs, because the store bought systems were too general and at a high cost. Then the networking boom took off and everyone from doctor's offices to home based businesses and home PC users wanted to be connected. Today, almost all of our devices are networked and internet ready, from TVs and game consoles to security systems and thermostats.

With a "We Come To You" plan and a "The Customer is Always Right" attitude... you can be assured that you are going to get top notch service at the right price.

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